School Clubs

This is the Torwood House school clubs page

Here at Torwood House School and Nurseries we work closely with parents to give families the support and services that they need. A combination of needing care for children during extended hours, as well as a desire to maintain excellent levels of activities and social opportunities gave us the opportunity to develop a comprehensive range of Out Of Hours Childcare.

Torwood’s breakfast, after school, and holiday clubs provide your children with brilliant opportunities to build wider relationships. Our holiday clubs bring together all the different ages at school and nursery in an exciting, safe, and loving environment where they can grow in confidence and understanding of their world.

Breakfast Club

The Torwood Breakfast Club set in Torwood Independent School, Redland, Bristol is free of charge from 8.00am each weekday during term time for all our pupils.

Breakfast is toast with a huge choice of marmalades, jams, and spreads; or one (or two) of our extensive range of family favourite breakfast cereals.

Children can start their morning with activities, games and puzzles until 8.25am, and then they are encouraged to help tidy away. All of our children then go to their classrooms at 8.30am where their teacher if waiting for them..

We aim to provide a flexible and enjoyable approach to morning time at our Breakfast Club, so for children who prefer a little more time to wake up in the morning we have cushions and beanbags. Let us know what your child needs so they too can enjoy their time with us just before school starts.

Early start from 7.30am is also available for a small charge and by arrangement. Booking forms are available from the school office.

After School Club

The Torwood After School Club is open for all pupils from the end of the school day until 6pm. Children can stay in groups according to their age and unwind after their day in a relaxed atmosphere.

Each day children are given one of our Torwood ‘high teas’, scrumptious after-school sausage rolls, baked beans on toast, sandwiches or crumpets.

We also have a number of activity clubs available each term including Football, Recorders, Singing, Computing, and Rugby; as well as a Homework Club open to children from Years 2 to 6 supervised by a qualified member of staff. Booking forms for activities are available hereand from the school office.

During summer months we spend a good amount of time in our outdoor spaces giving children the chance to let off steam, and enjoy the fresh air at the end of a busy day.

At 5.50pm After School staff encourage all of the children to help tidy away and be ready for collection by you at 6.00pm.