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Miss Garcia

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Reception and Y1-2            2020 Autumn Term Themes and topics



Children explore and enjoy the patterns and repeated phrases in Bears in the Night, Handa’s Surprise and Little Rabbit Foo Foo, using these tales as stimuli for performances, as aids to reading and as models for their own carefully punctuated writing.

Non- Fiction

Using Knock Knock Who’s There by Anthony Browne and Red Rockets and Rainbow Jelly by Nick Sharratt children will know how to write signs, labels, captions and lists. They will understand how to use extended noun phrases and the effect exclamation marks produce.

We will also continue weekly, with Phonics and Nessy Spelling programme.


Wk 1, 6  Number and place value                                Wk 7  Doubling and halving and measures

Wk 2      Addition                                                            Wk 8 Shape and data

Wk 3      Money and measure                                Wk 9  Measure, addition and subtraction

Wk 4      Measure and shapes                                       Wk 10 Addition and subtraction

Wk 5     Mental addition and subtraction                  Wk 11 Number, addition and subtraction

In addition, we will also have weekly problem solving activities.


Amazing me! (First half term)

Think carefully about what you were like as a baby and how your body has changed since then. Compare foot and hand sizes to make a class display. Consider how to investigate what we can hear in the playground. Investigate fruit and vegetables and plan a balanced picnic for guests.

Wild weather (Second half term)

Think about the weather, learn how to present data and make your own weather forecast to present to the class. Play shadow tag and create bar charts to record shadow length over time.


Ocean and seas (Geography including EAD)

Through a series of lively and interesting activities, the children will build their knowledge of oceans and seas around the world. They will begin to understand the different environments these represent and how they affect life on land as well as at sea. They will develop their geographical skills and build up their knowledge of food chains, exploration, and evolution.


Being me in my world

Celebrating difference