Class 3

Mrs Seagrove’s Class

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What you will need for the Autumn Term …

ALL ITEMS brought into school should be NAMED please!!

  • Pencil case — ruler, pencils, rubber, blue or black ink pen, spare cartridges, colouring pencils/felt-tip pens
  • School bag
  • Sports Kit
  • Swimming Kit
  • Coat (navy gloves, navy hat, navy scarf and welly boots — some items are available from the School Uniform Shop)

Autumn Term 2019

Notices for Parents:

Could anyone wanting to lead a workshop, share experiences or artefacts related to topics, please let Mrs Seagrove know via your child’s message book.

Please ensure your child does not bring toys etc. into school unless it is for a prearranged event i.e a scheduled ‘Show and Share’.

Autumn Term Topics

‘Intrigue and Investigation’ – is the theme for our annual events i.e. Expressive Arts Spectacular, whole school play etc. The children will be honing their thinking skills  and focusing on what can be done at a local, national and global level through assemblies, theme days, whole school events and class activities. 

In addition:

Using the delightful illustrations and books of Michael Foreman (I’ll Take You to Mrs Cole and Dinosaurs and all that Rubbish) children have the opportunities to practice simple, compound and complex sentences with powerful verbs.  They then create their own stories.

Children will learn about instructions and explanations based around the glitzy world of the game show.  They will learn about features of explanations before going on to write their own based on a game show with a special treat at the end.

Using a selection of poems to explore how to create images using words.

  • Daddy fell into the Pond by Alfred Noyes
  • The Bug Chant by Tony Mitton
  • I like this Poem by Kaye Webb

Children find and use adjectives and adjective phrases to convert a poem to prose.  Use their voice to add excitement to a poem performance and compose poems using the themes of animals and weather.

Place value and money; addition and subtraction; multiplication and division; shape; problem-solving and investigations.

This Planet Rocks! – The children are going to research and make a documentary on rocks, soils and fossils.

Being Me in My World – Knowing my attitudes and actions make a difference to the class team; understanding who is in my school community, the roles they play and how I fit in; understanding how democracy works through the school council; understanding that my actions affect myself and others; caring about other people’s feelings and trying to empathise with them; understanding how groups come together to make decisions.

Celebrating difference – accepting that everyone is different; including others when working and playing; knowing how to help if someone is being bullied; trying to solve problems; trying to use kind words; knowing how to give and receive compliments.

Children will learn about life in Britain from the Stone Age to the Iron Age, a period covering a million years of history. As well as understanding the chronology of this fascinating time, children will learn about the food, religion, homes, technology and art and how each of these areas developed and changed over time.

Presentation Skills; Show and Share
….and plenty of creativity, cooking and fun!


Parents: Please preview any website prior to sharing it with your child.

Why not try these activities at home:

A challenging game all about life 5000 years ago. Learn about Skara Brae and its housing, furniture, food, clothing, tools, people, crops and livestock.

Select online animal jigsaws – choose your level!

Read – ‘You are Awesome: Find your confidence and dare to be brilliant at (almost) anything by Matthew Syed