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Mrs Seagrove’s Class

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What you will need for the Spring Term …

ALL ITEMS brought into school should be NAMED please!!

  • Pencil case — ruler, pencils, rubber, blue or black ink pen, spare cartridges, colouring pencils/felt-tip pens
  • School bag
  • Sports Kit
  • Swimming Kit
  • Coat (navy gloves, navy hat, navy scarf and welly boots — some items are available from the School Uniform Shop)

Spring Term 2020

Notices for Parents:

Could anyone wanting to lead a workshop, share experiences or artefacts related to topics, please let Mrs Seagrove know via your child’s message book.

Please ensure your child does not bring toys etc. into school unless it is for a prearranged event i.e a scheduled ‘Show and Share’.

Spring Term Topics

‘Intrigue and Investigation’ – is the theme for our annual events i.e. Expressive Arts Spectacular, whole school play etc. The children will be honing their thinking skills  and focusing on what can be done at a local, national and global level through assemblies, theme days, whole school events and class activities. 

In addition:


Using Fantastic Mr Fox by Roald Dahl, the children will familiarise themselves with features of narrative, finding examples from the book and through role-play and hot-seating. Also focussing on direct speech and using the features and format they have seen to plan and write their own fantastic stories

NON-FICTION – non-chronological reports

The children will read an online newspaper report about an amazing model of Hogwarts opened to the public. They will design a poster or leaflet to advertise it and look at school reports Hogwarts style. They will collaborate to design a Hogwarts school prospectus, using the Harry Potter books written by J.K Rowling.

POETRY: performance poems

The children will listen to a range of performance poems and explore the features poets use. Poets include Michael Rosen, Jackie Kay, Mike Jubb, Paul Cookson, Wilf Merttens, Nick Toczek and Tony Mitton. The children will identify and use conjunctions that indicate time and cause and investigate negative prefixes, informal language and rhymes. They will also write a rap.


Mental addition and subtraction, 3 digit +/- 1 digit numbers, negative numbers, fractions, equivalent fractions, adding and subtracting fractions, length and data; weight and data.

Greatly Green Growers

The members of The Greatly Green Horticultural Society (AKA The Greatly Green Growers) have been challenged to a growing competition by their rival town Croppingwell! The challenge is on to produce the heaviest marrow, the longest runner beans, the juiciest fruits and the  biggest flowers! They need our help. Can we become their plant growing experts and find out through research and investigation, what plants need to grow as strong and healthy as possible.


Dreams and Goals – The children will be researching people who overcome obstacles and achieve their dreams and goals; imagining how they would feel when they achieve their dream/ambition; breaking goals down into steps; managing feelings of frustration.

Healthy Me  – The children will understand how exercise affects their bodies and discovering why hearts and lungs are such important organs; set fitness challenge; identify own feelings towards drugs; understand that, like medicines, some household substances can be harmful if not used correctly.

Topic – Geographical Skills

Taking on  exciting and sometimes mysterious challenges to see if they can become a world-wide geography whizz and Olympic map champion. They may even save Torwood House School from being flattened for an intergalatic supermarket along the way! The children will use atlases, digital/computing mapping, 8 point compass, 4 and 6 grid references, ordnance survey maps and fieldwork.

Presentation Skills; Show and Share
….and plenty of creativity, cooking and fun!


Parents: Please preview any website prior to sharing it with your child.

Why not try these activities at home:

Test your knowledge of compass points

Read – ‘You are Awesome: Find your confidence and dare to be brilliant at (almost) anything by Matthew Syed