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Summer Term 2019 

History Topic – Famous for more than Five Minute Explorers

Develop historical understanding of the lives and significance of Christopher Columbus and Neil Armstrong. Identify the kit needed for an expedition and compere the equipment taken by Columbus across the seas to the Americas in the fifteenth century with the equipment taken by Armstrong through the space to the moon in the twentieth. Discover navigation techniques and study the different materials used by Columbus and Armstrong. Identify the properties of a range of materials for your own expedition. Go on to describe your expeditions using a range of media.

Science – Exploring Changes

Observe a block of ice and record the changes. Devise an investigation to melt the ice quickly or slowly. Then create puddles and measure how they change. Take up the challenge of investigating the absorbency of fabrics and explore changes in was through batik art and crayon making.

Science – Brilliant Builders: Comparing Materials

Initially science will be combined with our English topic, looking at materials needed for building a sturdy house, to avoid the fate of the ‘Three Little Pigs.’ We will also look at the properties of natural and man-made materials, including some experiments on absorbency.

Steam problem solving task

The MARSBalloon Project

MARSBalloon is an exciting project for school students and science clubs to carry out Mars-analogue science experiments without having to put on a spacesuit! Our balloon will carry over 100 student experiments to an altitude of 30km, more than twice the height of commercial airliners, where they will be above 99% of Earth’s atmosphere. Along the way they will experience conditions very similar to the surface of Mars including temperatures of – 50°C, pressures 1/100th that of sea level and increased radiation dose.

This allows students to test the response of electronics, materials, plants and even food to the conditions of a future Mars base, helping future explores to prepare for this strange and hostile environment. The whole flight lasts approximately four hours and the MARSBalloon team will chase after the balloon to recover the experiments after landing, allowing them to be returned to the students for analysis.

PHSE – Relationships and Changing Me

We are all different and unique but must learn to live together and be expecting of each other. Understanding and growing the ability to form good relations with people in our environment is an important life skill. Physically and mentally we are constantly changing as we grow up and it is important to explore and therefore understand these changes.