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Mrs Da Re Year 3 and 4              2020 Autumn Term Themes and topics



Using the delightful illustrations and books of Michael Foreman (Dinosaurs and All That Rubbish and I’ll Take You to Mrs Cole), children have many opportunities to practice simple, compound and complex sentences with powerful verbs. They then create their own stories based around I’ll Take You to Mrs Cole, by Nigel Gray and Michael Foreman.


Children will learn about instructions and explanations based around the glitzy world of the game show. They will learn about features of explanations before going on to write their own based on a game show with a special treat at the end.

We will also continue weekly, with the Nessy Spelling programme.

Maths (weekly topics)

Wk   1, 3   Number and Place value                              Wk 4 Shape (properties of shape)

Wk   2, 7, 8   Addition and subtraction                         Wk 5, 10 Multiplication and Division

Wk   9 Time, bar charts and pictograms                       Wk 11 Division and Fractions

Wk   6, 12 Money

In addition to this, we will have weekly problem solving activities.


This Planet Rocks    (First Half term)

Some independent television programme makers want to make a documentary for children on rocks and fossils called This Planet Rocks! They would like children to present the show and be the rock experts. They have asked your class to help make some pilot programmes for them. Are you up to the challenge? You will need to brush up on your expertise on rocks, fossils and soils.

Shining the light    (Second Half Term)

The Rainbow Theatre have had a robbery. Some diamond earrings have been stolen during the dress rehearsal for the new play. There are 6 suspects to the crime and the police need your help to solve the mystery. There was a small audience for the rehearsal and they witnessed some strange events that led up to the robbery. Can you piece together the clues and solve the crime?


Rain Forests   (Geography)

This engaging topic will introduce children to rainforests around the world. They will learn what they are, where they are, what they contain and who lives there. Along the way they will develop their skills by writing reports, creating their own rainforests, and becoming David Attenborough!